How To Up Your Workplace Attire With A Leather Jacket

How come no one ever considered wearing leather jackets to up their workplace attire? Leather jackets are not only a part of your casual lunch with friends or a night out in a club but also add wonders to your everyday office clothing, making them look afresh.

Leather jackets are highly versatile, durable, and loyal to their buyers. As much as they are everlasting and evergreen for special occasions, they always stay in fashion for workplaces. Adding a leather jacket on top with a premium leather bag can uplift your workplace attire into a killer but professional look.

We have many types and styles of leather jackets available at Mush Editions, and we would love to walk you through ways you can include them in your formal wear at work. Let's look at some leather jackets and how to style them with formal dress pants and shirts.

Wear racer jacket

Are you tired of wearing the same white formal shirt and dress pants to work? So why don't you add a racer jacket to your formal shirt? As much as motorbike enthusiasts fancy racer jackets for their minimalistic style and collar, these jackets can also be a great addition to workplace attire because they give a professional look when put on top of a stiff collar shirt.

You can incorporate them in your everyday office fits to catch glances and compliments. For the next business meeting, you can wear this outfit with formal shoes and a necktie to set a bar for dressing in workplace settings!

Racer jackets give the simplistic and stylish look that you can also wear to the interview for your dream job, and we are sure that with this great fit, you are already getting it!

Leather blazers as work wear

How can we forget how gorgeous leather blazers look on formal wear? You are supposed to be more relaxed with your outfits for casual wear and special occasions. A black leather blazer can add a little spice to your daily workplace.

For a hangout at your office, you can wear leather blazers with denim jeans and a sweater if the weather is chilly or a round-neck t-shirt inside when it's a warm day. You can wear a white button-down shirt for an important business meeting you have been waiting for a long time and finish the look with a black tie.

Leather blazers add sophistication and elegance to your entire look. We assure you they will boost your confidence, and every meeting you wear, a leather blazer will be a success! Hence, a leather blazer is perfect for business casual and formal settings.

Bomber jacket for a refined look

The bomber jacket is another fantastic addition to your business casual and formal wardrobe. While bomber jackets are usually worn with a sweatshirt or a t-shirt, they are also an excellent option for your office fit.

With a pair of dress pants and a simple white button-up shirt, a black bomber jacket will add a brilliant casual touch to your outfit. Apart from giving a stylish and polished look, with a bomber jacket on, you will not have to worry about the cold.

It will keep you safe from the chilly weather in winter and keep you warm.

Brown leather jackets for workplace

When did you last pull out your brown leather jacket and wear it apart from your birthday? Brown leather jackets are appropriate for many occasions. They make possible cozy winter layering with a light brown sweater or a formal supper with family and friends.

They are also excellent office wear. For a formal touch, pair it with a pinstripe shirt, black pants, and a black tie, and let people imitate this style of yours. A brown leather jacket always gives that elegant and professional style thanks to its simple and polished design, ensuring that you look like a gentleman in that fit.

Leather vest to add classiness to your fit

Wintertime is perfect for wearing leather vests and jackets because they are fashionable and suited for the workplace. Choose a dark leather vest to generate contrast and pair it with a lighter-tone shirt.

You can wear it with formal pants in a regular straight fit and be ready for work. All you need to do is prepare yourself for some praise owing to the trendy appeal a leather vest adds to your typical attire.

Leather trench coat to increase your confidence

Leather trench coats are ideal for formal occasions or office settings. You can choose a skirt or dressy pants and combine them with a trench coat if you prefer to avoid wearing dresses. They are excellent for formal outfits since, although chic and classy, they are also effortless.

A trench coat will accompany your work attire regardless of whether your office has a professional or informal dress requirement. It will also keep you warm and comfortable on chilly winter evenings at the office and boost your self-confidence and charm. 

You should make leather jackets your closest friend; keep them close and protected because it does that for you, too! It is right there when you cannot decide what to wear and if you are tired of wearing the same boring outfits.

These leather jackets are great winter overcoats, fantastic outside looks for evenings, great office attire, and relaxed enough for a social gathering! They are our preferred wardrobe staple because they look terrific in various outfits.


For individuals who enjoy dressing up daily, office settings are a little more fun now that people love to experiment with their pieces of clothing and leather jackets are the best way to go! We at Mush Editions are ecstatic to hold a variety of leather jackets of your taste and choice. You can find the best fit for you and experiment with them in your daily workplace attire, too, now!