How To Style Your Leather Jacket in Six Creative Ways

Leather Jackets add an edge and warmth to your style this winter. Almost everyone has leather jackets in their wardrobe, and it is understood that this is the trendiest clothing wear that never disappoints. The leather jacket season starts in the fall when the temperature drops in the evening. 

Leather jackets with shearling and fur can provide insulation against chilly weather. From winter to spring, these jackets prove to be great transitional pieces. Speaking of styling, you might have some doubts regarding how to put together an outfit for spring with your leather jacket. If so, this blog by Mush Edition is here to help. 

Top Six Leather Jacket Styles For You

We have curated a list of our six top-favourite ideas for leather jackets for men to show how various leather jackets can be styled in different climate conditions. We are sure these will tempt you to recreate one right away :

Divergent Black Leather Jacket:

The timeless black leather jacket proves to be an everlasting wardrobe essential known for its versatility and moulds in fashion. Leather jackets in black complement every outfit, from casual to semi-formal, which embodies elegance.

genuine leather jacket

Because of its neutral colour, a black leather jacket provides a wide range of options to pair with it. You can experiment with a diverse range of colours underneath. This jacket beats gender norms, thus making it a versatile attire for both men and women. 

Whenever you cannot choose a perfect outfit from your wardrobe, this blacker-than-black jacket is here to save the day. Hence, a black leather jacket is not only a piece of clothing; it's a style statement. The black jackets in leather are the best outfit staple for those who want to have something with a combination of sophistication and vigorous style. 

Go Retro/ Vintage Leather Jackets: 

Retro-styled leather jackets seem as perfect as they will look on you. The vintage-style leather jackets provide a unique and abiding appeal that transforms the time for you. And if you want to consider buying one, it will surely be this immediately.

Cafe Racer Jacket

Avail the charm of this vintage-style leather jacket by pairing it with faded jeans and leather boots. Wear a high-neck sweater or a scarf underneath this jacket. This style will add an edge to your look and protect you from cold. 

Combine the smooth textures of this retro-style jacket with contrasting textures, as it will increase the visual interest of your look. Balancing the inherent edge with the complementary pieces is critical in styling vintage leather jackets.


Tan leather jackets for men prove to be another favourite clothing staple. If you want to style a tan leather jacket, various options are available for dressing up on different occasions. This look is going to be the most effortless look on our list. You can pair this leather jacket with a casual shirt in white or with dark-coloured jeans. Also, you can consider wearing a beanie and a scarf to have a more subtle look. 

Brown Leather Jacket

You can style this tan leather jacket for your business look over a tailored dress or trousers with a blouse. You should opt for sleek and minimalistic accessories to maintain a gleaming look. To style this jacket, always consider the overall tone of your outfit with the occasion you are wearing this jacket. 

Leather jackets with detailing:

It's a great idea to dress up according to the weather. As you know, winter is approaching, so consider a jacket with neat detailing like this biker jacket on the go. The Exclusive details on this jacket are nicely done. You can pair this jacket with light or solid-coloured pants, making its detailing more prominent. 

White Leather Jacket

This white biker jacket can be paired with a T-shirt or a top paired with jeans for a casual or mellow look. It gives a stylish yet relaxed look for an occasion. Enhance the look of this jacket by adding an edgy accessory to your style. Try wearing ankle boots, a hat or a belt with it, which can complement the detailing on this jacket. 


Play some illusion games while being classy with this not-so-denim leather jacket. This jacket gives the impression of a denim jacket, but basically, it's a blue trucker jacket with detailing like a tapered fit look, stitched seams and a spread collar. This jacket has silver-toned buttons other than a zip closure, which makes this jacket a versatile and unique choice.

Blue Trucker Jacket

Make your final look with this jacket by pairing it with a T-shirt or a button-down shirt; hence, endless options are available. Encourage your look by wearing aviator goggles and a leather belt, which complements this not-so-denim jacket's rough yet stylish look. You can experiment with various ideas to complete your look. 


Leather jacket styling will be incomplete without incorporating this bad boy look, everyone's favourite. The idea of this look offers a vigorous and rugged element to any outfit. This Black biker leather jacket style correlated with that of the bad boy, which is now becoming a contemporary trend. If you want something which leaves a lasting impression in anyone's mind, this jacket is helping you fulfil this notion.

Distressed Leather Jacket

Here are some striking features like a snap button collar, shoulder epaulettes and asymmetrical zipper front. Also, the belted waist along the buckle adds more charm to the beauty of this jacket. Pair this jacket with olive or rugged-style jeans, gel up your hair, and wear some accessories; you seem to be the baddest boy in town. 


The charm and aura one can create with a leather jacket are undoubtedly seamless. Anyone with a great sense of fashion wants to invest in a good leather jacket. Winter season is approaching, and the demand for a perfect style leather jacket is at its peak. So add your favourite leather jackets to your wardrobe and spend this winter season more stylishly.

Whether you want to create a look with a black leather jacket or have a rugged look or a tan or polished look, you can shop here with us at Mush Editions, where you will find various leather jackets to fill your wardrobe this winter.