Conditioning Leather Bag: How to condition your bag the right way

Conditioning leather bags is essential to keep your bag protected. In this era of fashion and style, accessories like a leather bag should be in such style to give a complete look that ensures versatility and elegance. However, some care is needed to maintain the leather bags and keep their integrity undamaged. Proper cleaning and polishing are necessary to preserve the softness of the leather bag and maintain its shine. Leather bag conditioning is essential for maintaining the quality of leather bags. Conditioning leather bags will avoid drying and cracking of bags and freshen their natural oil, which makes the leather bag shine like new. 

The conditioning procedure requires implementing products specifically designed for conditioning, which can slip into the pores of the leather and replenish its natural oils. The conditioning is done gently and in a circular motion, and then the extra conditioner is removed from the surface of the leather bag to keep its glossiness back. This conditioning or maintenance of a leather bag enhances its aesthetics and durability. So, conditioning leather bags is always a worthy investment.

Why We Need Leather Conditioning:

Conditioning leather bag -- It is not only a treatment but also a procedure used in manufacturing leather. Here, we discuss the details of the reasons behind conditioning leather.

Interpreting Leather Formation:

Leather is made up of animal skin or fur and complex materials, and it is arranged in a three-dimensional Structure, which ensures the durability and flexibility of leather material. So, to maintain the leather, natural oils and moisture between the structures have an important role. Factors like direct exposure to sunlight can affect these natural oils and worsen the leather condition. Interpreting leather composition helps us in the process of conditioning leather bags.

Consequences of conditioning leather bags: 

Treating leather fabric helps bring back the moisture and flexibility lost over time. Conditioning leather bags makes the material flexible and resilient against environmental factors.

conditioning leather jacket

How to Choose the Right Conditioner

Choosing the conditioner for maintaining the quality of your leather bag is an important decision. Here are some factors that must be considered when looking for an appropriate conditioner and the types that are available in the market. The factors for choosing the right conditioner are as follow:

Type of Leather:

Each leather type has its requirements for conditioning, so knowing about the leather type is necessary; whether it is suede, exotic, full grain, or top grain leather, we must choose the conditioner accordingly. 

Need for conditioning:

Always look for the condition of your leather bag when there is a need for conditioning. It will bring back its moisture and flexibility. Moreover, it fulfills its need for maintenance.

Elements and aroma of a conditioner:

Find a conditioner that can replicate leather's natural oils and is composed of natural oils and waxes. Do not go for products with silicon, petroleum, and chemicals; they can form a layer over the surface or cause harm with time. Always check the smell of the conditioner. If you want a scent-free conditioner, go for it; otherwise, its aroma will bother you.

Protection from UV Rays:

Choose the best conditioners that will protect your leather bags from UV rays in case of exposure to sunlight. The UV rays from the sun can damage or fade your leather bag with time; the right conditioner will provide proper protection from this issue.

Convenient Application:

Always consider the conditioner, which can be easily applied and evenly absorbed within the leather surface and does not let the excess reside on the surface. 

Types of Conditioner:

Different types of conditioners are available on the market, which have different consistency, so you can choose according to your preference.

  1. Cream-based: This conditioner supports dense conditioning and is best suited for dry and old leather to make it look fresh. It also supports a large number of leather types.
  2. Lotion: lotion type of conditioners can easily absorb with less residual on the surface of leather and are used for daily maintenance.
  3. Spray: Best suitable for large leather bags and where the lotion and cream conditioners cannot be applied easily. 
  4. Wax: rough and tough leather products need conditioning, and these wax conditioners are best for this leather bag. Also, they support excellent water resistance.
  5. Organic: Conditioner made from eco-friendly ingredients like plants or natural resources is best suited for people who prefer natural and organic products for conditioning.

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Instructions and challenges in Conditioning Leather Bags:

Proper guidance is necessary for a conditioning process. Here, we discuss some steps to condition leather bags most effectively.

  1. Cleaning with brush/cloth: First, remove all the dirt and dust from the Leather bag surface with the help of a brush or a soft cloth, ensuring that the conditioner can perforate easily. 
  2. Spot testing: Always test an unnoticeable area for any reaction and ensure the conditioner suits the leather.
  3. Area: Always look for spaces with enough space to do conditioning comfortably, and use a sheet underneath to avoid any spills or stains on the surface surrounding the area. 
  4. Conditioner choice: The right conditioner with good quality is appropriate for our bag's leather type according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  5. Applying and dispersing evenly:  Refrain from using the conditioner directly to the leather product; instead, apply it to the cloth or an applicator to distribute the conditioner evenly. Try Gentle and circular motions and focus on the areas where serious conditioning is required.
  6. Penetration: Let the conditioner absorb onto the surface according to the time specified by the creator and the product's condition. Mostly, it takes a few minutes or sometimes hours. 
  7. Polish and Buff for best results: When the conditioner has been absorbed, the excess is buffed from the leather surface with the help of a dry cloth, which results in a perfect shine and finish. If we need to have the lustrous shining product, then with a separate cloth, we need to polish the surface gently again so that the desired sheen has been achieved. 

Challenges and Solutions in Conditioning Leather Bags

People face some challenges during the conditioning of leather bags. So, we have concluded solutions to these challenges.

Conditioned Leather Bag:

  • Challenge: Sometimes, the leather surface saturates with the excess conditioner, resulting in a sticky or greasy finish. This can be identified when the surface feels slick, and there is difficulty in rubbing it, indicating over-conditioning. 
  • Solution: Spread the excess conditioner with a dry cloth and let it dry in an airy place far from sunlight till it dries properly.

Repeat the process if needed. For the oily leather surface, spread the absorbents like cornstarch or a powder and leave until it soaks all the oil. Recondition the bag to receive the proper results when the excess is removed.

Treating with mold or fungus:

  • Challenge: Some leather surfaces suffer from mold or fungus if they stay in moist or dark environments, and they appear as green or black spots accompanied by a foul odor. 
  • Solution: Make a mixture of light soap and water and apply gently on the area affected. Don't use excess moisture; otherwise, the leather will be damaged. If hard mold or fungus is present, use vinegar by diluting it in the water, putting it on the affected part, letting it rest for some time, and removing it with a clean, moist cloth.

Exposing the bag to sunlight with proper ventilation can disinfect the fungal area and dry it out. Place the baking soda overnight onto the bag's surface for the smelly odors, then brush it off. Also, place coffee and charcoal powder in a porous cover so the bag can eliminate the foul smell. 


A leather bag demands maintenance, and proper conditioning is required to preserve its aesthetics and durability. Conditioning leather bags plays an essential role in protecting their grace; it freshens the natural oils and increases the life of a leather bag. Always consider how to clean, store, and condition leather items for proper maintenance.