5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Leather Jacket

People are always worried when they buy a genuine leather jacket for casual, party, or workplace. I have figured out some points which are going to be very helpful for real leather jacket lovers. Read the article till the bottom of the page if you plan to buy a genuine leather jacket in this cozy winter season.   

Commonly Used Leather Jacket Styles 

These are some commonly used leather jacket styles which is best for men closest. Check out the mens leather jackets photos in Mush Editions Online Shop

1. Quilted Leather Jackets

Quilted Leather Jackets Collar

These handmade Quilted Leather Jackets are the most shared article for the men's closest. This classic piece is known for its look and style using full-grain leather. This is also a forefront of black biker style jacket with its quilted design.

2. Blazer Coat Jacket 

coat style leather jacket

The other most popular Blazer Coat Jacket made 100% genuine leather stuff, an enduring and substantial material.

This apparel has a Polyester lining which is odder resistant and sweat absorbed. Alaska men's four-pocket Jacket has a snap-tab closure and erect collar to boost the attire's appearance. It also features four big outside pockets for safety. These large pockets help store excessive items, especially while traveling.

3. Bomber Leather Jacket 

bomber leather jacket

This bomber leather jacket is back to the season. We've upgraded this version by staying true to the original silhouette by forming it in an Italian fabric to keep you preserved. It has a front button fastening, fold-back knitted rib collar and waistband, and two front patch pockets. This kind of mens leather bomber jacket is a favorite to men's wardrobe with the given features.

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Leather Jacket

Keep these points before buying a genuine leather jackets.  

1. Skin of Leather Jacket

leather skin

The first thing to consider, which is also the most factor when you decide to buy a leather jacket, is the leather hide of the Jacket. Although we know cowsheeplambgoat, and calf skins are the most commonly used, many people also go for unusual skin types like crocodiledeer, and kangaroos. But, as they are exotic and hard to obtain, they are expensive compared to the other types.

2. Collar Style of Jacket 

Jacket Collar Style

Leather jackets come in all sorts of designs regarding collars. If you want to look like, perfectionist, go for the folded lapels. It is the basic style for every Jacket and well with every style jacket.

But if you're opting for a cozy jacket with a fur collar or make sure it's detachable. Although, you could also go for a without collar jacket for a mature and graceful look.

3. Back Design 

Leather Jacket Back Design

So, now let's finish the Jacket's front! Now It's time to move towards the back Design of the Jacket.

While the front side of a jacket; adorned with shiny zippers, topstitching, or other detailing, the back is relatively more straightforward. Some jackets have folds at the back to make it look like a biker-style jacket; however, most have plain backs to balance the front detailing.

There are sure jackets with text and calligraphy on the back, but I would not recommend them. By the way, there's no rule for back designing; always go what you're favorite. 

4. Style Of The Jacket 

Jacket Style

Style is a vital factor if you are buying a leather jacket. We mentioned the three most popular jacket styles for closest men, and each type goes with a different kind of fashion. Suppose you wear a leather jacket with jeans that give a casual look, but if you opt for a biker jacket, it intimates a simple and graceful look.

So, buy a genuine leather jacket that compliments your personality and your fashion sense.

5. Quality Of Zipper

The last one that we have to mention is the quality of the zipper. Detailing would cost you many things, and we cannot ignore the zipper quality.

Jackets that are often less expensive hold the YKK zipper, which is quite common but made with lighter material. Another one, RiRi zippers, are strong & smooth to zip up and have a shinier finishing, making them pleasing.

YKK zippers tend to break off quickly if we compare them with RiRi zippers, which is why there's a massive difference in the price.

If your budget is insufficient, we recommend going with the YKK or other lightweight zippers for an aesthetically pleasing jacket.

The Ending Verse

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But remember, keep all the mentioned tips in mind before buying a jacket to look perfectionist.